Tips from the Top - November 2017


Some Business Habits

When you set a date for delivery, whether it is a product, a phone call, deliver at least the day before. 

Delighted clients/customers/members occur when what you provide is greater than what you promised and / or what they expected. 

As Chris Daffy says 'it really is that simple '. If the member gets more than they were promised or expected, then that will be a cause of delight. 

By how much must delivery exceed promise to create delight? 

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Do you take time to listen to your staff?

The mantra “customers first” is one we hear all the time and it is clear that many of the businesses I talk to pay great attention to keeping their customers happy through satisfaction surveys, regular contact and thank yous for their business.  But, our ability to look after our customers is often critically dependent on our staff who we expect to do much of the work, being the “face” of our business, prepared to go “the extra mile” in the name of customer satisfaction and on-time delivery...

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Intro to GDPR

The 25th may 2018 marks a watershed in the world of data protection. On that date the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This is EU legislation which will apply to any businesses which are holding personal data of any EU citizen. In addition the regulation is finessed by a Data Protection Bill currently going through Parliament. On top of these legislative developments meat is being put on the bones by advisory documents from the EU and our own Information Commissioners Office...

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Reference Point

You were really disappointed when ‘Kathy’ resigned. She was the perfect employee. She’d been with the business for nearly 7 years and you’d invested a great deal of time and resources in developing her from a graduate, full of raw talent, enthusiasm and ideals into a highly competent and inspirational Marketing Manager. She had played a key role in moving your business forward in ways that you would have found unimaginable before she joined ...

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Quick Tips

New Employees and Culture

New employees don’t change the culture of a company; new employees adopt the existing culture of their new company (be it a good or bad culture).

By : Margaret Hawkes, Freedom Mobility Ltd

It’s Important to Celebrate

Teams need successes to celebrate; it’s our job to grow the company to create a good energy and environment for the team. Being too comfortable isn’t good. You need the passion to move the business forward.

By : Melissa Baker, Xebee Records
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